Who do we think we are?

O'Malley Hansen Communications infuses the high quality of big firm work with the focused client service and cutting-edge strategy that only a nimble, independently owned public relations agency can offer.

We are a team of professionals who create positive conversations and dynamic programs to ensure that our clients are heard clearly, consistently – and regularly.


We are collaborators who understand that building a brand or establishing a reputation takes incredible discipline and passion…and that’s where we step in to help.


We are connectors who believe that brand and reputational equity is built by endorsement from a range of influencers who receive information from many sources.


We are communicators who appreciate that to be successful, you need to clearly delineate who you want to be, judiciously identify who needs to hear from you and deftly uncover the best methods to communicate.


We are strategists who understand that people know about you what you tell them – repeatedly – and build the goodwill of the people who matter to you.

Consumer Marketing

We generate millions of media impressions, web site hits and direct-to-consumer touch points for some of the world’s best consumer brands through well-placed stories, distributing great content, strong journalist relationships and clever consumer events.

Corporate Reputation

A strong corporate reputation is a crucial component of a smoothly running organization. We work with companies to help ensure their public face is consistent to every important audience and stakeholder. We develop a strategic approach that identifies a company’s headwinds and tailwinds to effectively plan for any situation.

Social Media

Social media is a communications channel complementary to – but by no means consistent with – traditional media. We capitalize on the rapidly evolving opportunities of social media to uncover and pursue unique ways to connect our clients to their audiences online.

Influencer Outreach

People listen to subject matter experts, celebrities, bloggers, their next-door neighbors … and their children. OHC works to identify the right influencers from a diverse cross section of candidates who can significantly shape an industry’s perception and purchaser decisions.

Employee Engagement

We develop and implement employee engagement programs for some of the largest global organizations across a wide range of industries. We create the right communications tools and channels to share your corporate messages, and help managers become better, more consistent communicators.

Global Mindset

O’Malley Hansen serves its clients in more than 40 countries through its strategic partnerships and the ECCO International Network, one of the world’s largest independent PR and marketing networks with partners around the world, including China, Europe and Australia.

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