Our Thinking – 4 Anchors

The 4 Anchors for a Single Voice to Franchisees

From the small chain to multinational networks, franchisers face unique challenges of building relationships with independent businesses owners who are entrepreneurial and connected to their customers. Franchisees have to be convinced, rather than directed, to follow the leadership of the corporate office. The primary goal in franchisee communications programs is to create broad consensus so that everyone who represents the brand can focus on pleasing customers and thwarting competitors.

Here are O’Malley Hansen’s four anchors of driving an effective communications plan from the corporate office:

  1. Single Voice Leadership
    Franchisees are closely involved with various members of the home office. They must believe that everyone is on the same page. Fractured messages will compromise leaders, business initiatives and the business as a whole.
  2. Consistent, Credible Content
    It’s often difficult in an evolving business climate to stay the course, but franchisees must receive communications that emphasize the business objective on an ongoing basis. It must align with overall business objectives and the volume must be reasonable, but not overwhelming.
  3. Relevant Communication Channels
    Every franchisee runs his or her business in an individual way and communications channels must reflect how they like to receive information. Direct communications must fit into the day-to-day lives of franchisees and multiple channels should be engaged.
  4. Constructive Dialogue
    Franchisees need to believe that their voices are heard. Independent operators are a key source for valuable insights and often form informal alliances within franchise networks that have the power to drive or derail a business initiative. Companies must develop appropriate forums for straight talk, where franchisees can express their successes and concerns.

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