Corporate Public Relations For a Digital World

Disney and Hanes brands marketing event featuring Mickey Mouse on stage

Is Your Corporate Reputation Everybody’s Business? Yes.

The most important aspect of successfully managing corporate reputation is to be consciously aware of brand equity.  We are in a new age of corporate communications where people have a sophisticated understanding of what’s behind a brand.

Individuals in our brand-savvy community actively measure what we call corporate brand equity and expect to have a consistent experience with an organization as a customer, business partner, employee or interested party.

It is no longer possible to have one face to the consumer and one face to the business community.  Remember, the decision-makers in today’s business community have been influenced by brands from the time they got their first Sony Walkman to the purchase of their latest iPhone.  An organization can be rewarded or punished for the business decisions they make.  And digital communication has effectively erased the line between your corporate brand and your consumer brand.

We work with companies to help ensure that their public face is consistent to every audience.  It starts with defining a compelling, robust corporate story that reinforces the values of an organization.  Then it continues by highlighting activities that substantiate the story we are telling.  And it evolves as we help organizations understand how their activities can change the storyline.