An Employee Engagement Firm With A Fresh Perspective

Where’s Your Company’s Water Cooler? We hope it’s not actually the water cooler.

The proverbial water cooler has long been a symbol of workplace conversation where employees go to find out the latest and greatest organizational news and gossip. But we think you will agree that it is not the best place for your employees to share information unless you are part of the conversation.

Too often we focus on communicating effectively outside our building when we should be talking to our team. Strategic employee communications – or employee engagement – is a crucial component of many successful businesses. When management teams are the central source of information, their teams often are more enthusiastic and more successful.

Why? Because people have an emotional commitment to their job. It’s a central part of their lives and they respond positively when their leaders invest in the relationship and create opportunities for dialogue.

The great news is that it is a simple and cost-effective way of strengthening your business. Communications channels are already set up for written and face-to-face communication. The business plan and strategic objectives are set. They just need to be shared in a way that is relevant to employees.

Our approach is based on the understanding that while you can’t control the conversation, you certainly can guide it. Employees focus less on speculation and more on their individual and team goals when sharing important organizational news becomes engrained in a culture. We help you strengthen the communication infrastructure to deliver the right information and train direct supervisors to be confident, consistent communicators.