Advancing Your Brand with Influencer and Blogger Outreach

Image of Al Roker from build a bear public relations campaign

What Should You Do If They Won’t Listen To You?

Identify someone who they do listen to.

It has been a cornerstone of public relations that the third-party endorsement is the most valuable way to enhance your reputation or promote your brand. But no one could have predicted how broad the community of influencers would grow in the last decade.

In the world of influencer communication, there’s no one set of influencers. People listen to subject matter experts, celebrities, bloggers, their next-door neighbors … and their children.

We understand the role of celebrities in the business of influence and have worked with a variety of film, TV and music stars. We’ve educated tweens about whole grain nutrition with the help of actor/singer Corbin Bleu and their parents with the help of Grey’s Anatomy star Chandra Wilson.

Subject matter experts also play an important role. Building their profile through academic work, books, social media and media appearances, they inspire strong fan bases who will act upon their insight. They are often frequent contributors to major media plus industry- and interest-specific online and social media outlets.

We also believe in peer-to-peer influencers. For example, we started talking to mom bloggers right away and quickly understood that they are too often regarded with a one-size-fits-all approach. Not unlike the moms they target, they view themselves and present to the world in unique ways. They range from the hilarious to heartbreaking, from well-established to newly emerging.

And when we look for our next influencer, we leverage our insights, experiences and relationships from our past.