A Strategic Approach to Consumer Marketing & Media Relations

Does The Big Hit Still Matter? Yes. Big Time.

Mass media drives the discussion in our country. While social media delivers information, much of it is created by major media outlets.

During the last decade, the relationship between organizations and their media targets has changed dramatically. It’s easier to contact media but more important not to waste their time.

The exciting news is that the diverse media environment provides great opportunities. The wealth of electronic, print and online media means that a Big Hit takes many forms. Cable television, niche print media and radio build loyal audiences that watch, read and listen intently.

Our team has generated hundreds of millions of consumer media impressions through traditional, online and social media and direct-to-consumer touchpoints. We have core beliefs on how to effectively communicate with our audiences:

  1. Develop a clear picture of who are we trying to reach by understanding their likes and dislikes
  2. Clearly identify what we want them to learn, believe and/or do
  3. Create language that speaks to them in a way that they appreciate
  4. Customize the message in a way that is relevant to our media targets and consistent with their content

We develop this framework in partnership with our clients, bringing consumer and media insights together with our understanding of a brand’s core equities.