Social Media Specialists With a Strong PR Foundation

Social Media Management and public relations - Chicago

Does Social Media Have To Be Complicated? No. It shouldn’t be.

For years, “experts” have tried to make social media more complicated than it should have been.  During that time, we were working to make it as simple as possible so that our clients could take advantage of every new opportunity.

Social media is not about technology.  Our approach is based on a straight-forward premise:

Social media is an interactive communications channel complementary to – but by no means consistent with – traditional media.  You need to approach it differently, but the fundamental rules of communication still apply.

This approach enables us to uncover and pursue unique ways to connect our clients to their audiences online.  It can be through affinity-based web communities or distinctive videos on video-sharing sites.  It can be through building relationships with influential bloggers.  And it can be through understanding how people want to talk with brands on Facebook.  One thing of which we are certain:  the way we participate in social media today will not be the same way we participate tomorrow.