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Charter Communications: Employee Onboarding

We worked with Charter Communications to enhance the employee orientation experience to strengthen job satisfaction and retention for the thousands of new recruits each year. Working as part of an integrated agency team, we developed The Charter Download, a multi-dimensional program that engages new employees from the days prior to their start through their first 90 days.

The Charter Download includes a welcome kit, a full day of interactive training and information including video support, manager notes for one-on-one communication throughout the onboarding process and initial personal goal setting. It creates excitement and engagement for new employees so they immediately feel valued and connected to the Charter brand and helps strengthen a culture in which employees understand the larger goals of Charter and are actively committed to achieving shared success. It is designed with the best practices in human resources in order to show respect to new employees and create an immediate association between employees and Charter by focusing on connection, culture, compliance and clarification.