Energizer Filling Up the Hot Hare Balloon

Energizer: Filling Up the Hot Hare Balloon

For more than 20 years, we helped bring the message of the Energizer Bunny into the homes of millions of Americans. Using a steady mix of traditional outreach and cause marketing, we helped raise awareness of the benefits of the Energizer brand and demonstrated its commitment to social responsibility. We were regularly tasked to find new ways to extend the presence of the Bunny and make him more dynamic.

We opted to increase his visibility in a BIG way by launching launch the Energizer Bunny Hot Hare Balloon. At 166 feet tall, it loomed larger than the Statue of Liberty, had size 98 EEEEE feet and was held together with 84 miles of thread.

Each year, the balloon attended more than 20 festivals, toured the skies for 20 years, visiting more than 200 communities and logging over 500,000 miles traveled.  The Hot Hare Balloon brought the Energizer message to almost 2 million people and generating more than 40 million local and national media impressions.