Lane Home Furnishings developed a unique marketing tool designed to drive sales in local markets by connecting the retailer to the consumer via customizable design solutions available through the Lane Home Entertainment Tour.


The Tour traveled to mare than 60 markets and featured a massive 18-wheel mobile showroom high-lighting three complete customizable solutions: the "Man Cave," the "She-Den." and the "Wow Room." Consumers were encouraged to take an interactive quiz to determine which Lane Furniture collection would fulfill their home entertainment design needs.


OHC supported the mobile tour through an extensive media relations effort. News of the tour was delivered through the mobile tour designer, who discussed tips to fit a range of consumer preferences. Lane retailers served as home entertainment experts.


Stores hosting the tour saw a dramatic increase in store traffic and sales. Coverage included segments on local television news programs, feature articles in local dailies, home and design magazines and online event calendar listings. The success inspired Lane to remodel and take the Tour on the road for another year.


Lane Home Furnishings: Mobile Tour