Manna Pro: City Yolks Social Community

O’Malley Hansen was tapped to help Manna Pro, a leading manufacturer and marketer of pet care and nutrition, reach the untapped and growing population of Millennial urban and suburban backyard chicken owners in the U.S. The company was perfectly positioned to use its homestead roots to help city dwellers bring the barnyard to their backyard and be the champion and industry leader of this lifestyle trend.

We launched a robust digital campaign, which included the creation and management of an interactive social community, City Yolks, where backyard chicken owners and enthusiasts could connect and share tips on living sustainably with chicks. We led Manna Pro through our brand strategy process, creating style and content guides for the city-focused social platform. We also identified and partnered with several “chick-fluencers” in major cities across the country – including Drinking with Chickens, Clucking Chic, Portland Chickens, Modern Hippie Habits, Lux Chicken and more – to demonstrate the joy of raising chickens in non-rural environments and bring attention in an authentic way to Manna Pro products and resources.

Over the course of a few months, we hit our engaged follower goals on Instagram and Facebook. Our multiple months-long partnerships with chicken influencers provided us with a bank of branded content – including social posts, blog posts, page takeovers and stories involving Q&As, coop spotlights, getting started tips and more that all pushed followers to the City Yolks community. The hyper-targeted approach organically reached a quarter of a million chicken enthusiasts and saw an above average Engagement Rate by Reach (ERR) of 11% for all posts. Manna Pro’s City Yolks community continues to grow and has become the go-to resource for urban and suburban chicken owners.