Sara Lee Mamma Saga Video

Sara Lee Deli: Mama Saga

We introduced Sara Lee Deli to social media audiences as well as supported consumer marketing and media relations activities for its premium line of pre-sliced deli meat. During a three year period, we built a strong social media profile by establishing a strong connection to moms to make the case for the variety, quality and convenience of Sara Lee Deli Fresh Ideas pre-sliced deli meat.

We worked with Sara Lee Deli to create a three-phase campaign to generate consumer awareness and drive trial and consumption with ongoing multi-channel program that talked to mom through social, as well as traditional, media.

Our activities included:

  • Developing and distributing a multi-series campaign of satirical webcam-style Mama Saga videos, produced in collaboration with Second City Communications, designed to connect with and help moms through typical, everyday dramas
  • Consumer interaction with our Saga Solvers, well-known moms and experts in food preparation, organization and family time respectively, who engaged with consumers through tips, advice and live chat
  • A robust Facebook page with recipes, lunch making tips, interactive discussions, product information, videos, polls and a widely popular coupon initiativ
  • A Twitter handle to share relevant content with moms and mom bloggers, link to our Facebook community and inspire conversations
  • Mom blogger outreach to build relationships with influencers and engage them to deliver our brand messages
  • Traditional media outreach

Our campaign resulted in more than:

  • 130,000 new Facebook fans
  • 4.4 million video views of the Mama Saga series
  • 350 social media impressions
  • 63 million media impressions
  • 1.3 million blog impressions