The Normal Brand CEO Shares Company Inception Story and Brand Growth in Entrepreneur’s Startup Feature

Four BrothersOHC helped Jimmy Sansone, CEO and founder of The Normal Brand, gain brand awareness about his apparel company through strategic media relations. Through our outreach, we secured a feature story about Jimmy and The Normal Brand in Entrepreneur’s Startup Spring 2016 issue. It details how the 28-year old Midwest millennial entrepreneur launched the company in 2015 because he was sick of coastal lifestyle apparel brands selling beaches, whales, yachts and country clubs. Sansone wanted to create clothes that were “normal” to him and celebrated the Midwest and his Midwest lifestyle. With men’s and women’s wear online and at 75 retailers in 20 states, The Normal Brand has widespread appeal and attracted consumers from all over, not just those in Midwest “fly-over country.”