Value Travel Brand

OHC Case Study: Value Travel Brand

A value travel brand was planning a brand refresh with a focus on being family-friendly due to its affordability and brand playfulness. It turned to O’Malley Hansen for an integrated marketing approach to leverage media for storytelling about the brand and its refreshed appeal.

OHC planned a campaign that would help our family travel media easily understand the new brand so they could in turn educate their readers and followers: budget-focused families. Our plan focused on leveraging media to share our messages, providing them with the content they needed to do so in the most authentic and meaningful way possible.

Our two-pronged launch approach included:

  1. Pre-launch: Inviting a select group of media and influencers on a trip to the company’s HQ to get immersed in the brand and participate in several family fun events around the city
  2. Launch Day: Conducting traditional media outreach and a satellite media tour with a popular family travel influencer who also joined us on our trip

As a twist to drive home our family-friendly focus, we invited the influencers’ partners and children to join us for the trip! This was a first for most of the media and influencers and was a welcome surprise.

To make sure our news hit priority local markets, we timed our SMT to happen the morning of our press announcement. We conducted 27 interviews in priority markets and with national syndicates.

The launch campaign delivered outstanding results:

  • Over 200+ million impressions from the media trip, SMT, press release and pitch efforts
  • 392 total placements
  • 98.5% positive net sentiment of coverage
  • Built new – and strengthened – relationships with key media contacts who continue to cover the brand favorably