Sara Lee Soft & Smooth Great Whole Grain Giveaway

As Sara Lee Fresh Bakery’s agency of record for nearly a decade, the OHC team worked with an integrated marketing team to support new product launches, brand equity campaigns, national public relations, local public relations, nutrition communication, blogger programs, and issues/crisis management.

Sara Lee Fresh Bakery found there was tremendous confusion in the bread aisle when it came to whole grain nutrition. Moms who thought they were buying whole wheat bread were surprised to learn their brown bread had the nutritional value of standard white bread. They were even more surprised to learn there was a white bread on the market that had more whole grain nutrition than some brown breads.

O’Malley Hansen saw a unique opportunity to educate moms about whole grain nutrition by building on Sara Lee’s planned sampling program to give away 2.5 million loaves of bread.    We launched “The Great Whole Grain Giveaway” distributing 534 million grams of whole grain in eight weeks while also reaching moms everywhere via local grassroots events, influencer outreach, online, at retail and in a wheat field.

In just 48 days, OHC surrounded Sara Lee’s target audience – moms with young children – with messages about whole grain and touched more than 87.5 million consumers. News coverage included two placements in USA Today within three weeks alongside local coverage in all eight road trip markets.  The campaign culminated with “Take Your Whole Grain Sandwich to School Day” that encouraged moms to “Do the Switcheroo” via a HUGE “Switcheroo” message in a Kansas wheat field.  Sara Lee Soft & Smooth Bread experienced significant sales growth including best-selling bread in the country status for years.